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Employee photo Meet Bart Liguori, the Research Division Manager at the Office of Education Accountability, often referred to as OEA. The division is statutorily obliged to study issues for the Education Assessment and Accountability Review Subcommittee of the General Assembly. Every December the OEA gets a study agenda for the upcoming year. This year OEA is looking at state and local funding at high-poverty schools, homeschooling and instructional materials – both digital and traditional. In addition, the division annually compiles school district data profiles. The office hopes to release the latest data profiles with a new interactive online search tool. Liguori said the idea is for the online tool to complement the printed report published every year. The 41-year-old came to the OEA in August 2016 from the Kentucky Department of Education where he was first placed as a “data fellow” after earning his doctorate from Cornell University. He now lives in Frankfort with his wife and their three daughters. The Brooklyn native revels in recounting the time he took his children to watch the Mets clinch the National League East title against Cincinnati in 2015. “My daughter high fived David Wright,” he said. “She got some champagne on her a little bit.” (Wright is the Mets’ captain who hit a three-run homer to cap a 10-2 win over the Reds that day. The team celebrated reaching the playoffs for the first time in nine years with champagne – right on the field.)