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Employee photo Meet Andrew Manno. As a Senior Legislative Committee Analyst for Economic Development and Workforce Investment as well as an Assistant General Counsel, Manno keeps a full schedule. “It’s much better to be busy and be challenged,” he said. Manno describes the most rewarding part of his job as watching a bill move through the legislative process, from the initial idea to the final product. Manno earned a degree in journalism and political science from the University of Kentucky where he also graduated from law school in 1992. After graduation, he worked with the Department of Worker’s Claims and as an Administrative Law Judge. Manno said he saw the LRC as being the perfect opportunity for a change in his professional life in 2015. When his work at LRC is done, Andrew enjoys reading, spending time with family, and watching sports. Although his wife works at, and son attends, the University of Kentucky, Andrew stays true to his love for the University of Louisville sports.