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Employee photo Meet Amber Smith. She’s one of the people responsible for making the connections when people across the state place calls to legislators or LRC staff members. For twenty-two years, Smith has worked for LRC’s switchboard. “We are the front line of the agency, so it makes a big impression,” she said. As a longtime Frankfort resident, Smith previously worked for the Administrative Office of the Court’s switchboard, a job that prepared her for her current role with LRC. In 1995, Terisa Roland, Amber’s aunt, was working for LRC’s State Government Committee and told her of a switchboard position available. Amber has been with the agency ever since. She claims her fellow LRC staff members have made every day meaningful since her first day on the job. Outside of work, Smith enjoys spending time with her two children, ages 13 and 16, as well as shopping and watching a good movie.