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Employee photo Meet Al Alexander,
a research analyst with the Office of Educational Accountability (OEA) located on Coffee Tree Road. “I’m a data person for the researchers,” he said. “If I can emphasize anything ... it is how great those researchers are and the incredible job they do. They make my job important because of the research they do. The level of work they do is just incredible.” Al said he doesn’t think people realize how meaningful the research is to policymakers. “Probably very few places in the country can do what we do,” he said of the research done from OEA’s vast repository of data, “but I’m just a cog in the machine over there helping out any way I can.” Al came to OEA 12 years ago from the Kentucky Department of Education after being a Certified Public Accountant. Al said he lives in Louisville with his wife of 27 years whom he describes as the most tolerant woman in the world. “She deserves a saint award for putting up with me,” he said. Their son attends University of Kentucky. One daughter has an accounting degree from University of Louisville while their second daughter has a nursing degree from Western Kentucky University.