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Employee photo Meet Aaron Ritchie. Aaron Ritchie isn’t someone who likes to take life sitting down, which is fitting since his job as a Legislative Courier for the LRC keeps him on his feet making deliveries to offices throughout the State Capitol and Capitol Annex. A Frankfort native and resident of Lawrenceburg, Ritchie served in the Kentucky Army National Guard on tours in Bosnia and Iraq. The former military policeman said his job with LRC, which he began in 2015, isn’t as stressful as others he’s previously held, but offers a good balance of duties. “It gets me on my feet. It keeps me active and healthy. During the (legislative) session, particularly, the volume is heavier for sure,” he said. “My favorite part is…I’m happy. I enjoy my coworkers and enjoy my job and everything that comes with it.” Ritchie said work days at LRC are spent distributing newspapers and correspondence, picking up payroll, making sure ice coolers are filled for guests, and other “odds and ends.” “We take care of legislative business and other duties as assigned. You have a lot of requests through the session that are going to vary,” he said. “We help make everybody else’s job simpler.” When not working, Ritchie enjoys watching sports and spending time with his two dogs and cat.