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Energy and Environment Cabinet, reorganization, Executive Order 2013-893 - SB 129
Bees and hives, inclusion in livestock and poultry disease control disposal protocols - SB 179
Boats, marine sanitation devices, allow periodic inspection according to regular schedule - SB 66
Certain off-site waste disposal permits, require minimum debris diversion for - HB 356
combustion residuals, disposal, ground water monitoring, regulation of - HB 241
mining, overburden disposal in streams, prohibitions against - HB 288
Commonwealth Conservation Builder voluntary certification program, establishment of - HB 356
Container and beverage cups, product or component bans, prohibition of - HB 147: HFA (1)
Drift logs, statutes regarding taking up of, repeal - HB 519
Electric shock drowning prevention, marina requirements and penalties for - HB 107
Electrical power lines, requirement to remove, coal mine sites, exemptions from - HB 336: HCS
Endangered or threatened plant species, taking, prohibition against and penalty for - HB 491
and Environment, secretary, reciprocal agreements relating to coal mining, authorization of - HB 328
conservation measures, government buildings and state property - SB 70
and Wildlife Resources Commission, clarify affect of openness requirements - SJR 67: SFA (3)
and Wildlife Resources Commission, open and nondiscriminatory access to - SJR 67
Fossil fired electric generating units, carbon dioxide, performance standards, regulation of - HB 388
Green schools, benefits of - SR 60
Ground water, geothermal borehole drilling and geothermal vertical closed loop well installation - SB 102
High-performance building, public, LEED, Green Globes, Energy Star, deletion of - HB 520
Hunting and fishing on own farmlands, residents only, requirement for - HB 448: HCS
Innovations in agricultural methods, dairy farming, land stewardship, resolution for - HCR 154
alternative fuel and renewable energy fund, deposit of certain fees into - HB 466
School Boards Association, School Energy Managers Project, 2014 ENERGY STAR Partner - HR 261
Noxious weeds, invasive plants, eradication of - SB 170; HB 434; HB 434: HCS
Oil and gas pipelines, condemnation authority relating to - SB 14, 21; SB 100: HFA (1); SB 192: HFA (1); HB 355: SFA (2),(3); HB 573: SFA (1),(2)
Petroleum environmental assurance fee imposed on natural gas, uses thereof - HB 466
Pollution prevention fund, energy efficiency technical assistance, matching funds for - SB 153
Public Service Commission, orders, hard copy mail service, request for - SB 91: SCS
Safe drop off drugs program, local governments, creation of - HB 417
State/Executive Branch Budget - HB 235; HB 235: SCS, HCS, HFA (14), FCCR
Taking rare and endangered plants, registration of sellers and identification of property - HB 491: HCS
Timber Theft and Trespass Reduction Task Force, establishment of - HCR 93
Toyoda Gosei Afforestation Project Event, commemoration of - SR 236; HR 204
United Nations Agenda 21, state and local government implementation, prohibition of - SB 31
Unmined minerals tax, collection, permit to extract, requirement for collection of - HB 380
Vegetation control permits for billboards, requirements - HB 203
Wildlife resources, sportsmen and women of the Commonwealth, stewardship for - SJR 67: SFA (1)

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