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Consolidated Local Governments


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Cities in the same county as a consolidated local government, alcohol sales jurisdiction of - HB 102
City classification system reform - HB 331; HB 331: HCS
facilities, disallow private operation of - HB 545
officers, inclusion within definition of law enforcement officer - HB 550
Corrections officers of merged or urban-county governments, deem trained for concealed carry - HB 213; HB 128: SCS; HB 213: HFA (1)
Discretionary funds - HB 29
project assessment district programs, allow for the creation of local governments - HB 404
project assessment district programs, modify program terms and fees - HB 404: HCS
project assessment district programs, retroactivity of program term amendments - HB 404: HFA (1)
Ethics code, subpoena power - SB 53
Insurance license fee, allow special dedicated levy - SB 128: HFA (5)
Jail officer, complaint against, required procedure - HB 239
Law enforcement telecommunicators, training and employment reimbursement - HB 405; HB 405: SCS
knife ordinances and restrictions, limits on - SB 25
option sales and use tax, clarify enabling provisions - HB 551: HCS
option sales and use tax, enabling - HB 551
option sales and use tax, provide for gender equity on local commission - HB 551: HCS
Mass transportation, publicly owned, exclusion from tolls - HB 41
removal - HB 353: HFA (1)
succession in case of vacancy - HB 353
Offices of Judge of County Court, elimination of - HB 582
Pawnbroker, law enforcement, changes to reporting requirements - SB 226
Planning and zoning, require 120- day period of time for action on zoning amendments - SB 144: HFA (1)
allow deferral until after General Assembly redistricting - HB 115
permit at any time to align district boundaries and delete precincts - SB 210
Required publication in newspaper, alternative Internet Web site posting - SB 101
Tax increment financing, definition of qualifying mixed-use projects, amend - HB 542
Tourism development, establish promotion incentive - HB 528
Transient room tax, uses - HB 401; HB 401: HCS
Urban renewal, merged and consolidated governments - HB 561
Volunteer fire departments, increase in levies for - HB 459

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