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County College Completion Program, creation of - HB 2; SB 5: HFA (19),(20); HB 2: SFA (2)
County College Completion Program, participating and non-participating institutions, changes to - HB 2: HFA (2),(4)
County College Completion Scholarship, tuition for work-college, calculation of - HB 2: SCA (2)
County College Completion Scholarships, equal distribution of - HB 2: HFA (1)
severance tax receipts, amend distribution thereof through the LGEDF and LGEAF funds - HB 515
Combustion residuals, disposal, regulation of - HB 241
Disposal of overburden, streams, requirements and prohibitions for - HB 288
Electric distribution surface installations, coal mine reclamation, removal of - HB 336
Electrical power lines, requirement to remove, coal mine sites, exemptions from - HB 336: HCS
Energy and Environment, secretary, reciprocal agreements relating to coal mining, authorization of - HB 328
Fossil fired electric generating units, carbon dioxide, performance standards, regulation of - HB 388
Miners, require preference in state employment - SB 146
Mining or processing companies, tax incentives for - HB 474
scholarship program, residency requirement for - HB 2: SCA (1)
scholarship program, transfer funds from - HB 2: SCA (1)
Severance revenues, distribution - HB 15
Unmined minerals tax, collection, permit to extract, requirement for collection of - HB 380

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