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Alcoholic beverages, consumption by passengers on waterways - SB 218
flag for medical emergencies, require Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources to sell - HB 216
law enforcement, provisions relating to - SB 66: HCS, HFA (3)
law enforcement, reasonable suspicion required for officer to board boat - SB 66
law enforcement, reasonable suspicion required to stop or enter upon boat - SB 66: SCS, HFA (4)
safety, electric shock drowning prevention, marina requirements for - HB 107
Boats, marine sanitation devices, allow periodic inspection according to regular schedule - SB 66
Fish and Wildlife Resources Commission, open and nondiscriminatory access to - SJR 67
Houseboat Capital of the World, declaration of Kentucky as - SCR 44
Self-storage liens, notice requirements and authorization of late fees - SB 150; SB 150: SCS
Slip numbers, state park marinas, reassignment of - HB 142
Water vessel removal assistance fund, establishment of - SB 40

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