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Agricultural operation interference, prohibit forms of - HB 222: SCS
care trusts, formation and administration of - HB 155
shelters, allowable methods of euthanasia - HB 222
shelters, gas chambers, prohibition in the use of - HB 222: HCS
Bees and hives, inclusion in livestock and poultry disease control disposal protocols - SB 179
Coyotes, hunting at night, enhanced penalties for hunting without landowner permission - HB 436
to animals, forfeiture and ownership provisions - HB 30; HB 408: HFA (7),(8)
to animals, indolent in fighting activities - HB 408
to animals, involvement in fighting activities - HB 408: HFA (5),(6)
Cruelty, mental state requirements for - HB 408: HFA (1),(2)
Department of Corrections, expansion of Farm Operations Program - HB 358; HB 358: HCS
Dogs and cats, torture and neglect - HB 409
Dogs, assistance, trainer identification card, establish - HB 579
Domestic violence, care and custody of pets - HB 351: HFA (1)
Donation of game meat for free meal distribution, prohibit restriction on - SB 18
Equine production inputs including on-farm facilities, exempt from sales and use tax - HB 297
Food production, honoring Kentucky farmers - SR 123; HR 108
Food, genetically engineered, labeling of - HB 441
Georgetown, Festival of the Horse, agricultural event, resolution for - HR 163
Honey bees, research of - HR 151
Horse farm purchases, tax exemption - SB 24
and fishing on own farmlands, residents only, requirement for - HB 448: HCS
dogs, hunting and training at night at any time of year, requirements - HB 436
Innovations in agricultural methods, dairy farming, resolution for - HCR 154
Livestock brands, process for - HB 521
Recognizes Tater Day, recognition as an agricultural event - HCR 67
Sales and use tax, livestock and equine drugs, exemption - HB 193
Thoroughbreds, payments from the Kentucky Thoroughbred development fund - SB 26; SB 26: SCS, HCS

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