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SB 126 (BR 872) - J. Denton

     AN ACT relating to anesthesiologist assistants.
     Create new sections of KRS Chapter 311 to define terms, including "anesthesiologist," "anesthesiologist assistant," "approved anesthesiologist assistant program," "immediately available," "supervising anesthesiologist," and "supervision"; forbid a person from holding himself or herself out as a licensed anesthesiologist assistant unless licensed or within designated exceptions; direct the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure to promulgate administrative regulations relating to the licensing and regulation of anesthesiologist assistants; establish the Anesthesiologist Assistant Advisory Committee under the board; outline duties of the committee; establish committee membership and terms of office; authorize election of chairperson responsible for presiding over meetings held no less than twice a year; enable reimbursement for committee members for travel expenses and expenses relating to meeting attendance; designate qualifications for initial licensure and renewal as an anesthesiologist assistant; permit licensure by endorsement; enable temporary licensure for a maximum term of six months if the applicant meets various conditions; establish what examinations and training programs shall be approved by the board; designate scope of practice for a trainee; set grounds for disciplinary action for anesthesiologist assistants and how disciplinary proceedings are to conducted under the inquiry panel under the board; authorize the inquiry panel established under KRS 311.591 to issue an emergency order in accordance with KRS 13B.125 if the panel has probable cause to believe an anesthesiologist assistant has violated the terms of an agreed order, violated the terms of a disciplinary order, or practiced in a way the panel believes to be a danger to the health, welfare, or safety of the anesthesiologist assistant's patients or to the general public; prohibit an emergency order from being issued unless grounds exist for the issuance of a complaint; designate other procedures to be followed in the conduct of a hearing on an emergency order; authorize a licensed anesthesiologist assistant to practice only under the supervision of an anesthesiologist; prescribe scope of practice for an anesthesiologist assistant; forbid an anesthesiologist assistant from administering or monitoring general or regional anesthesia unless the supervising anesthesiologist is immediately available; allow an anesthesiologist assistant to initiate evaluation and treatment in a medical emergency without specific approval from the supervising anesthesiologist; define "medical emergency"; demand that an anesthesiologist obtain board approval to supervise an anesthesiologist assistant; establish grounds of discipline for supervising anesthesiologists; establish requirements to be approved by the board as a supervising anesthesiologist; permit the board to impose restrictions on the scope of practice of an anesthesiologist assistant or on methods of supervision upon consideration of recommendations of the advisory committee; prescribe duties of the supervising anesthesiologist; forbid the supervising anesthesiologist from supervising more than the maximum number of anesthesiologist assistants approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services at any one time; amend KRS 311.840 to define "anesthesiologist assistant"; amend KRS 311.862 to exempt a physician assistant who has not practiced in Kentucky prior to July 15, 2002, who seeks to practice as an anesthesiologist assistant from the requirements under KRS 311.844, the physician assistant training requirements, and mandate that the individual meet the new requirements for licensure as an anesthesiologist assistant prior to practicing as an anesthesiologist assistant; amend KRS 311.846 to conform.

     Feb 8-introduced in Senate
     Feb 12-to Licensing, Occupations, & Administrative Regulations (S)

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