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Arms Trade Treaty, opposition to - HR 14
Charitable organizations, mounted wildlife specimens, regulations governing sale of - SB 32: SCS
cards, surcharge on buyer, requirements for notice of - HB 259: SCS
cards, surcharge on buyer, disclosure of - HB 259
cards, surcharge on buyer, prohibition of - HB 256
surcharge, seller to disclose to buyer, require - HB 259: HCS
Dextromethorphan, possession and retail sale, prohibition - HB 19; HB 19: HFA (1)
Ephedrine-based drugs, sale and possession of - HB 146
Firearms and ammunition made and used in Kentucky, exemption from federal law - HB 156, 285
Home improvement contract, standards, procedures, remedies - HB 249
Lemon Law protections, application to business entities - HB 77
Products containing bisphenol-A, prohibition on sale of - HB 287
Tobacco products, license, requirements - HB 263

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