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Special Districts


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Athletics, emergency, training for, establishment - HB 418
County consolidation, special taxing districts, creation of - HB 163
Development, sewer or storm water facilities, corrective action - HB 431
Fees, amend definition - HB 54: SCA (2)
Districts, ad valorem taxes, referendum for additional - HB 284
districts, fire protection services in annexed or incorporated territory - HB 11
Insurance, procurement, bids for - SB 146
board members, prohibit from also serving as an elected official - SB 48: HFA (1)
district boards, county judge/executive appointments to - SB 20
districts, counties with consolidated local governments, fiscal court creation of, exclude - SB 48: SFA (1)
Public library district, alternative method of creation - SB 48; HB 57: SCA (3)
Purchasing, project labor agreements in, prohibition against use of - HB 309
Reporting to fiscal courts, delay effective date - HB 54: SCA (2)
Require special purpose governmental entities to report fees and rates to city governing bodies - HB 1: FCCR
Special purpose governmental entities, fees paid to the Department for Local Government - HB 1: HFA (1)
Tax and fee increases, submission to cities and counties, requirement of - HB 1: SCS
and malt beverage sampling, downtown management district events allowing - HB 315: HFA (1),(2)
sampling, downtown management district events allowing - SB 13: HFA (1)

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