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management companies and real estate appraisers, requirements for - HB 120
management company recovery fund, payments to appraisers from and balance of - HB 120: SCS
management company recovery fund, purposes of - HB 120: HCS
theft, create offense and set penalties for - HB 161: HFA (1),(2),(3),(4)
theft, create offense and set penalties. - HB 161: SCA (1)
theft, offense and penalties, creation of - HB 161: HFA (5),(6)
Cruelty to animals, forfeiture and ownership provisions - HB 235
Home improvement contract, standards, procedures, remedies - HB 249
Land sold under execution, decrease in period for right of redemption - SB 27
Mobile homes, aircraft, and boats, reporting to property valuation administrator - HB 215
Spendthrift trusts, establishment of - SB 156
Thefts, penalties for high-value property - HB 161

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