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Probation and Parole


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Arrest of probationer or parolee, notification to probation and parole officer, study of - SCR 123
board decisions, review by Attorney General when victim objects - HB 229
Board, confirmation, Caroline W. Mudd - SR 141
Board, procedures relating to - SB 82
Presumptive probation with mandatory drug treatment for possession offenses and drug paraphernalia - HB 159
Probationer or parolee transfer fees, establishment and expenditure of - SB 208
Reorganization, Division of Parole and Victim Services, Executive Order 2012-560 - SB 122; HB 303
Shock probation, prohibit, DUI death - HB 28
offender, criminal homicide, all - SB 15; SB 15: HCA (1)
offenders, inclusion of specified homicide offenses - SB 15: SFA (2)
offenders, inclusion of specified homicide offenses, for - SB 15: SFA (1)
offenders, sentence after three convictions, increase to life without parole - HB 230

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