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Age restrictions for police and fire in certain local governments, removal of - SB 66
Employment leave for crime victims, creation of and requirements for - HB 97
Gender-neutral language - SB 173; HB 455
Independent contractors, determination of - SB 89; SB 89: SCS
Labor organization mandatory membership or financials support prohibited, penalty - HB 308
Board, confirmation, Donald W. Blevins - SR 140
Board, confirmation, Wayne D. Sapp - SR 139
Retirement, allow onetime opt-out for members of the state-administered retirement plans - SB 165
insurance, employer's account - HB 102; HB 102: SCS
insurance, improperly obtained benefits - HB 102; HB 102: SCS
government, eligible list, civil service, expansion of - HB 390
governments, civil service, veterans hiring preference, expansion of - HB 390: HCS
Wage discrimination, prohibited on basis of sex, race, or national origin - HB 401
Workers' Compensation Act, various amendments to - SB 113
Workers Compensation, reopenings and medical disputes - HCR 106

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