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Care Act, Medicaid MCO requirements for exchange, require - SB 178
Care Act, Office of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange, establish - HB 248, 291
Concealed deadly weapon, retired peace officer, permission to carry statewide with license - HB 305
Constitution, United States, state sovereignty - HJR 32
Enforcement, prevention of, Second Amendment, violation of - HJR 33
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, exceptions, juvenile justice system - HB 115: HCS
firearms laws, enforceability of - SB 129; HB 382
Reserve, audit of - HCR 105
Federally required state leadership activities, delegation of - HB 207
Firearms, federal laws and rules, invalidate - HB 233
General Services Administration, price contracts with, purchase from, cities allowed to - HB 380
Health benefit exchange, state-based, prohibit - SB 40
compact for the placement of childen, replacement of - SB 115
compact for the placement of children, replacement of - HB 69: SFA (5)
Kentucky Board of Education, vocational education, responsibility for - HB 207
Medicaid eligibility expansion, prohibit - SB 39
Nullification, Second Amendment, violation of - HJR 33
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, health benefit exchange abortion coverage, prohibition - HB 23
Proposed greenhouse gas new performance standard, urge EPA to withdraw - HCR 109
Return to Prudent Banking Act, urge Congress to enact - SCR 16
Uniform Commercial Code, Article 9, make corrections - SB 93
Veteran's Nursing Homes, Medicaid funds, disallow - SB 186

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