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Agricultural land rock quarry exemption, public road, no transporting across - HB 165: HFA (2)
Catfish, buying, selling and transport, regulation of - HB 403
combustion residuals, disposal, ground water monitoring, regulation of - HB 223
mining, overburden disposal in streams, prohibitions against - SB 29; HB 86
Coleman, Steve, honoring on retirement - HR 23
Contractees, new miner training requirements, exemption from - HB 379
Coyotes, hunting, no limitation on - HB 60
Development, sewer or storm water facilities, corrective action - HB 431
Electric shock drowning prevention, marina requirements and penalties for - HB 277
Energy efficiency in manufacturing facilities, promote the development of - HB 370
Environmental remediation property, modification of tax credit for - HB 134
Forest certification, encouragement of - HB 111: HCS
Green schools, promoting the benefits of - HR 69
water, geothermal borehole drilling and geothermal vcertical closed loop well installation - HB 306
water; geothermal borehole drilling and geothermal vertical closed loop well installation - HB 306: HCS
Heritage Land Trust Board, private land trust organizations, public grants to - HB 271, 281
Wood Products Competitiveness Corporation, abolishment of - HB 148
Legacy nature preserves, creation of, authorize activities and improvements on - SB 53; HB 150: SFA (1)
Mounted wildlife specimens, Department of Fish & Wildlife, regulations for - SB 32: SCS
National Wildlife Refuge System, National Fish Hatcheries, concurrent jurisdiction for - SB 65
Petroleum storage tank program, three year extension of - HB 126
Proposed greenhouse gas new performance standard, urge EPA to withdraw - HCR 109
bonds and plans for oil and gas well sites, requirement of - HB 348
Guaranty Fund, requirements for - HB 66: SCS; HB 424: HCS
Remediation of environmentally contaminated property, tax credit - HB 213
Review and public comment, TMDL process, requirement for - HB 378: SCS
excavation, farmland uses, permit exemption for - HB 165
quarries on farmland, exemption allowed, rock must not cross public road - HB 165: HFA (1)
Sand and gravel operations, in stream removal, requirements for - SB 134
Second generation biofuels, environmental benefits of - HR 168
State entomologist, gender-neutral references for - SB 175
Timber Theft and Trespass Reduction Task Force, establishment of - HCR 42
Timberland assessment, gender-neutral language for - SB 212
TMDL development, Web site information and public notice, requirements for - HB 378
Total maximum daily loads, water quality, notice requirements for - SB 190
United Nations Agenda 21, state and local government implementation, prohibition of - SB 80
Water quality advisory group, establishment of - SJR 118

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