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card and debt management information; requirement of at postsecondary orientations - HB 331
cards, surcharge on buyer, prohibition of - SB 194; HB 256
surcharge, seller to disclose to buyer, require - HB 259: HCS
Date at which a cause of action accrues to collect certain debts, establishment - SB 41
Deferred deposit transactions, annual percentage rate and service fees - HB 178
Federal Reserve, audit of - HCR 105
Foreclosure and deficiency judgments, time for bringing action - HB 351
Money transmitters, enhanced regulation by the Department of Financial Institutions - HB 54; SB 69: HCS
Public assistance benefits, prohibited purchases - SB 179
Return to Prudent Banking Act, urge Congress to enact - SCR 16
Investment Commission, membership on - HB 234
Investment Commission, remove any changes to - HB 234: SCA (1)
Commercial Code, Article 9, make corrections - SB 93
Commerical Code, remittance transfer that is electronic fund transfer, Article 9 to control - SB 93

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