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HB 64/LM/CI (BR 350) - D. Keene, D. Horlander, B. Housman, J. Richards, W. Stone, D. Watkins

     AN ACT relating to driving under the influence and making an appropriation therefor.
    Amend KRS 189A.005 to expand the types of allowable ignition interlock devices; amend KRS 189A.010 to include driving the wrong way on a four-lane highway in the list of aggravating circumstances for DUI; amend KRS 189A.070 relating to license revocations to provide for new license revocations periods subject to conditional reinstatement if the offender participates in the ignition interlock program; amend KRS 189A.085 to require license plate impoundment only during the period that a person's license is revoked; amend KRS 189A.340 to specify the circumstances and timelines during which a license may be conditionally reinstated contingent upon interlock usage and to delineate the terms, conditions, and operation of the ignition interlock program; amend KRS 189A.345 to provide the penalty for operating a vehicle without an interlock when one is required; create a new section of KRS Chapter 189A to establish an ignition interlock assistance fund operated by the Transportation Cabinet for indigent offenders; create a new section of KRS Chapter 189A to allow the Transportation Cabinet to promulgate regulations related to the bill; create a new section of KRS Chapter 189A to allow offenders committing an offense prior to the effective date of the bill to opt to be governed by the bill's provisions; amend KRS 189A.410 to limit the availability of hardship licenses to persons committing offenses prior to the effective date of the bill; amend KRS 186.572 to require the imposition of sufficient points to prohibit full re-licensure with the points being removed only after the offender has been fully compliant with ignition interlock usage for a full 120 day period; amend KRS 189A.090 to conform; amend KRS 189A.050 to require a person convicted of DUI to pay the cost of drawing blood for testing; amend KRS 189A.103 to provide that a DUI suspect shall bear the cost of any additional testing done of the suspect's blood, breath, or urine if the additional testing is done at the request of the suspect and after the testing directed by the arresting officer.

     (Prefiled by the sponsor(s).)

     Jan 3-introduced in House; to Judiciary (H)

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