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Arrest for misdemeanor assault in hospital emergency room permitted - SB 58
Blue Alert System, emergency alert system, requirement of federal government authorization for use - SB 32: SCS
Charles E. "Fuzzy" Keesee, honorary road designation for - HJR 74
Copper or copper alloy purchase, mandatory report to law enforcement - HB 297
Dementia training, first responders in caring for affected citizens - HR 25
DNA, requirement of sample collection at arraignment - HB 314
Federal "Secure Communities" program, required use of - HB 78
Fees for collecting volunteer fire department subscriber fees and membership charges - HB 232: HFA (1)
Fire departments, sheriff's retention of percentage of fees - HB 232
Funding, KLEFP fund salary supplements - HB 82, 369
Insurance, procurement of, requirements for - SB 208
Junkyards, report of copper transactions, requirement for - HB 57
Kentucky Blue Alert Network, creation of - SB 32
Local option elections for gaming, advertising of - HB 46
Missing minor 12 or under, duty to report - SB 33
Neale, Sheriff Josh, honoring his attention to duty and bravery - SR 21
Prescription drug drop off program, participation in - HB 238
Real estate, sale under judicial process, appraisal of - HB 23
Retired, carrying concealed deadly weapon, LEOSA update - HB 72
Service of process - HB 454
Special elections, notice given 28 days before election - HB 293; HB 293: HCS

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