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Parental Rights


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Adoption, parental information - HB 170
committed to the custody of the Commonwealth, provisions for - HB 242
support order, pleading, technical correction, change must to shall - HB 517
Child-care home, evacuation plan provided to each parent, custodian, or guardian - HB 449
Disabled children, homeowner rights in relation to - HB 160
Foreign law, application of, protection of rights - HB 386
Foster parents, rights of - HB 456
HIV, testing of sexual offense defendant, when HIV testing required - HB 177
Missing minor 12 or under, duty to report - SB 33
Name, change of for child, add Circuit Court and Family Court - HB 234
Paternity, child born out of wedlock, defined - HB 76
Pilot project to open courts for abuse, dependency, neglect and termination of parental rights cases - HB 239

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