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and Pendleton county tornado first responders, commending - HR 211
County and Pendleton County residents affected by tornado, honoring - HR 212
Child-care homes, written plan for evacuation, requirement for - HB 449
Coal ash impoundments, emergency action plans, requirements for - HB 404
County Judge Executive Tim Conley and Mayor Jim Rupe, in wake of tornado damage, honoring - SR 270
Good Samaritan law protection, extend to all persons - HB 330
mutual aid agreement - SB 55; SB 55: HCS
mutual aid agreement, approval, requirement for - SB 55: SFA (2)
mutual aid agreement, liability, immunity from - SB 55: SFA (1),(2)
mutual aid agreements, local emergency responders, requirement for approval - SB 55: SCS
Kentuckians killed by tornadoes, honoring - SR 212; HR 204
Search for lost person with a disability, procedures - SB 93; HB 125
Self-insured retention fire and tornado fund, increase in ceiling amount - HB 351; HB 351: HFA (1)
Tornado rescue and relief, honor those involved in - SR 211; HR 203

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