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Antismoking ordinances - HB 289
Casinos and gaming at horse racing tracks, constitutional amendment to let county voters decide - HB 45
legislative bodies allowed to specify duties - HB 437; SB 30: SCS
legislative bodies prohibited to remove duty to cite nonmoving motor vehicle offenses - HB 437: HCS
training and qualifications, classified and certified status - SB 30: SFA (1)
Insurance, procurement of, requirements for - SB 208
Kentucky Public Pensions Taskforce, establishment of - HCR 162: HCS
Landowner recreational use incentive programs, authorize - SB 116
Licensing requirements, additional, forbidden of group homes - HB 122: HCS
firearms ordinances and restrictions, limits on - SB 161; HB 290, 500
option election for casino gaming - HB 46
Petitions for local referendum, requirements for - SB 123; SB 123: SFA (1)
Residential care facilities, licensing, preemption of local authority for stricter requirements - HB 122
Retirement, require full payment of health premium for retiree of police and fire fund - SB 130
Search for lost person with a disability, procedures - SB 93; HB 125
Taxes, restaurant - HB 368
Verification of immigration status, public contracts and public agencies - HB 5

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