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Basic local exchange service, market-based rates - SB 12: SCS
on Proprietary Education, advertising and recruiting compliance, requirement for - HB 308: HFA (2)
on Proprietary Education, advertising and recruitment compliance, requirements for - HB 308: SCS
Debtors, actions against, time for bringing - HB 142
Defective new motor vehicles, limited extension of time frame to repair vehicle - HB 347
Exemption from federal law, firearms and ammunition made and used in Kentucky - SB 73
Expert witness fees, Attorney General, recovery of - HB 560
Fire protection sprinkler systems, installation and design of - HB 461
Home improvement contract, standards, procedures, remedies - HB 180
Kentucky Computer Decency Act, prohibition on anonymous postings - HB 157
Price discrimination, prohibition of in relation to automotive fuel - HB 503
Roof repair, contracts for, cancellation of - HB 421
Telephone utilities, outages, repair and reporting of - HB 507
Trusts and estates, administration of, probate matters - HB 155; HB 155: SFA (1)
Unsolicited advertising, littering, penalty for - HB 63

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