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Casino gambling industry, prohibited contributions and gifts to officials, candidate and families of - SB 151: SFA (5),(6)
Contributions by employers of legislative agents, prohibition during regular session of legislature - SB 67
Electronic filing of reports by statewide candidates, slates, and their committees - HB 90
Governor and Lieutenant Governor, no contribution from legislative agent - HB 109
Legislative ethics, changes to code - HB 151
Lobbyists, prohibition of contributions to statewide candidates - SB 66
Public financing for Supreme Court judicial campaigns, create program for - HB 230
of Election Finance, confirmation, Rosemary F. Center - SR 291
of Election Finance, confirmation, Thomas B. Stephens - SR 314
Reports, various changes - SB 66
U.S. Constitution, amendment to clarify meaning of protected free speech in elections, support of - SR 124

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