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911 emergency communications funding, require CMRS Board to gather and report information on - SB 119: HCS
Campus police and safety and security personnel, identify as separate entities - SB 122
Decals, require display of for holders of instructional permits when operating a motor vehicle - HB 210
Electrical inspecting and permitting, regulation by Housing, Buildings and Construction - HB 487
Fireworks, sales and storage, expansion of - HB 177; HB 333: HCS
Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, secretary, election of - SB 151: HFA (2)
Legislative Research Commission, direct staff to study emergency dispatch center funding - SB 119
Office of Homeland Security, 911 funding information, requirements for - SB 119: SCS
Personal care services, background checks for - SB 23; SB 44: SFA (2); HB 52: SFA (1); HB 101: SFA (5)
Piping in federally regulated manufacturing or processing plants, exemption, state law - SB 59
Products containing bisphenol-A, prohibition on - HB 223
Protective headgear, for operators and passengers of motorcycles - HB 163
Railroad employee contract carrier, safety guidelines for drivers and vehicles - HB 298
Railroads, Passenger Rail Transportaion Advisory Board - HB 109
Smoking in enclosed public places and enclosed places of employment, prohibition of - HB 193; HB 193: HFA (1),(2)
Task Force on Children Exposed to and Affected by Domestic Violence, creation of - HCR 42
Variances from gas well setback requirements, conditions for - HB 477

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