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"Dove" derivatives, add two additional chemicals, synthetic cannabinoids, add two chemicals - HB 121: HCS
3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone, ban upon possession, trafficking, manufacture - HB 121
emergency communications funding, require CMRS Board to report information to LRC for study on - SB 119: HCS
emergency services, improvement and funding of - HB 174
Abortion after viability, penalty for - HB 435
informed consent and ultrasound requirements - SB 9
informed consent and ultrasound requirements for - HB 210: HFA (1)
prohibition at 20 weeks of fetal development - HB 215, 390
Accidents, solicitation of business - SB 65; HB 382
Actions against cities, KRS 411.110 repealed - HB 490
Adult abuse registry, prepare to establish - HB 101: HCS
Agencies established by merger or interlocal agreement, participation in state health plan - HB 150: HCS; HB 229: SCS
Alcohol and substance abuse treatment for pregnant and post-partum women - HB 131
care advisory board, animal welfare, animal shelters, standards for - HB 277
impoundment, animal health, humane euthanasia, veterinarian determinations for - HB 157
Animals, cruelty to, add shelter requirements - HB 156
Annexation map and description, filing requirement, amendment - SB 25
Assistance animal, licensing authority, approval of - HB 260; HB 260: HCS
Attendance areas, establishment by local boards - SB 3
Background check, fingerprinting, request for - HB 227
Board of Claims, actions before - HB 231
Bonds for discharge, who may file - SB 139
Business permit, license, or credential, employment of unauthorized aliens, grounds for non-issuance - HB 111
By consolidated local governments - HB 321
of delinquency, amend sale provisions - SB 62
of delinquency, technical corrections - HB 149
Child support, guidelines table, update of - HB 218
Civics education for inmate, good time credit for - HB 251
Civil jurisdiction, small claims jurisdiction, technical correction - SB 108: SCS
Code, laws, and regulations relating to plumbing, penalties for violation of - HB 386
Comparative fault action, procedures - HB 410
Complex regional pain syndrome, continuing competency requirements for - HB 234
Concealed deadly weapons, carried by peace officers, when - HB 113
Constable, constitutional amendment allowing county legislative body to abolish office of - HB 360
Constitution of Kentucky, sections 38, 39, and 43, powers granted by - SB 155: SCS (1)
Constitutional amendment, elimination of Office of Judge of County Court in merged local governments - HB 45
Construction of statutes, statute provides no private right of action unless specified - HB 406
Controlled substances, prescription for and dispensing of - SB 138
Correctional departments, merit boards, procedural due process - HB 138
Corrections officers of a consolidated local government, collective bargaining - HB 141
consolidation, Department for Local Government, assistance from - HB 165
Employees Retirement System establishment of 85% as funding level for pension/insurance funds - SB 2: SCA (1)
Employees Retirement System, agencies not required to participate in state health insurance - HB 150
Employees Retirement System, establishment of 85% as funding level for pension/insurance fund - HB 480: SCS
officers with duties coextensive with Commonwealth, salary reductions, when prohibited - HB 466
Courts costs, accounting of courthouse dedicated fees - HB 99
Criminal justice training, Department of, peace officer training, protective orders - HB 254: HCS
Deadly weapons, locations, in motor vehicle where permitted - HB 313
Deaths in nursing homes, notification of coroners, investigation following certain - HB 69
in lieu of foreclosure, recording requirements - HB 128: HCS
in lieu of foreclosure, ten day filing requirement with county clerk - HB 128
Delete requirement to certify need for jail prisoner medical care - HB 432
of Agriculture, voluntary donation to AG Program Trust Fund, notification of - HB 136
of Corrections, inspector general, create office of - HB 357
Direct a staff study by the Legislative Research Commission of 911 funding - SB 119: SCS
veteran license plates, 100 percent disabled veterans, three plates free of charge - HB 146
veteran license plates, fee exemption - HB 344
Disarming a peace officer, add defensive and control devices, add defenses - HB 366
District court, small claims jurisdiction, increase to $3,000 - SB 87
DNA, requirement of sample collection at arraignment - HB 393
violence proceedings, dating couples, restrict to 18 or over - HB 35: HCS
violence, coverage of dating couples - SB 49
violence, dating couples, inclusion of - HB 35
circumstances triggering aggravated sentencing - HB 328
ignition interlock device, use of - SB 141; HB 58
motor vehicle, forfeiture of - HB 423
penalties imposed - HB 31
use of prior convictions - HB 392
campaign finance, various changes - SB 4: SCS
candidates for federal office, recanvass, recount - SB 155: SCS (2)
contests, recounts, procedures of - SB 155
petitions of nomination, number of petitioners - HB 468
various changes - HB 437
various changes to procedures - HB 469
inspectors, inspection of marinas - HB 481
licensing and electrical inspecting and permitting, merger of statutes controlling - HB 487
Emergency care, limitation of liability for - HB 181
Eminent domain, valuation of contiguous parcels - HB 398
Ethics, elections, campaign finance, various changes - SB 4
of criminal records, procedure in regard to plea bargains - HB 63
of misdemeanor criminal records, criteria relating to - HB 232
Failure to return to custody, crime of - HB 446
Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment to provide - HB 70
Felony conduct, duty to report - HB 351
Fire districts, operation in two counties, appointees to the board of trustees - SB 54
Firearms, forfeiture and destruction of - HB 114
Firefighters totally disabled in line of duty, CPI adjustment to insurance payments - SB 54: HCS (2)
First priority recorded mortgage, registration of with county clerk - SB 78
Government Assessment and Accountability Subcommittee, corrections and jail monitoring - HB 349
Grand jury, failure to indict, record expungement of, procedure - SB 159
Gross revenues and excise tax fund, hold harmless amount, increase - HB 57
Health and Family Services, adult abuse registry, establishment - HB 101
Hexavalent chromium levels, require public water systems to monitor - HJR 27
exemption, expansion for disabled veterans - HB 206
exemption, verification of - HB 95
Hunting licenses and permits, voter registration included in - HB 326
I Support Veterans special license plate, establishment of - HB 187
Income benefits and attorneys fees, increase in fees and various changes to awards - SB 104
Incompatible offices - HB 68
civil jurisdiction to $5,000 and small claims jurisdiction to $2,500 for District Court - HB 201: HCS
jurisdiction of District Court to $5,000, small claims division to $2,500 - SB 108
Industrial hemp, licensing and growing of - SB 30
Instructional permit holders, require display of decals when operating a motor vehicle - HB 210
premium tax, one state tax for nonadmitted multi-state risks, establish - HB 167: HCS
premium taxes, surplus lines insurance multi-state compliance compact, adopt - HB 167
Juvenile status offense actions, requirements for - HB 123; HB 123: HCS
Law enforcement, reporting requirement, established - SB 101
Laws relating to various topics, constitutional amendment to prohibit adoption of - SB 10
Legislative Research Commission, direct staff to study emergency dispatch center funding - SB 119
government liens, application of - SB 135: SCS
Government Nuisance Code Enforcement Act, definitions - SB 135
government premium tax, other political subdivisions, exempt - HB 322
governments, enforcement of criminal provisions - HB 51
Nuisance Code Enforcement Act, definitions - HB 47: HCS
property tax, revise tax calculation provisions - HB 137
Long term care facilities, nurse staffing requirements, establishment of - HB 337
Long-term care facilities, nurse staffing requirements, establishment of - SB 91
Loss of consciousness, include within definition of "physical injury" - HB 148
MDPV possession, 30 day maximum sentence - HB 121: SCS
Medical examiner, death investigation pamphlet - HB 160
Methamphetamine violations, precursor drugs, prohibition of purchase - HB 295
Military, benefits for trailing spouse - HB 343
Mini-truck sellers, motor vehicle dealer license requirement for - HB 356: HCS
Mini-trucks, use on non-interstate highways - HB 356, 359
Minor, image of, protection for minor sending or possessing - HB 126; HB 126: HCS
Mint Police, U.S., state jurisdiction for - HB 180
Motor vehicles containing a child under the age of 17, prohibit smoking in - HB 216
Multi-state risks, single state tax - HB 167: SCS
Municipally owned electric generating facilities, use of renewable energy, requirements - HB 239
Natural resources severance tax - HB 307
Nuisances, lien priority - HB 47
of Drug Control Policy, methamphetamine block program - SB 106
of Judge of County Court, fiscal court members, elimination of in merged local governments - SB 84
Omnibus unauthorized alien act - SB 6
Operator's licenses and personal identification cards, veteran designation on - HB 147, 186
Orders of protection, law enforcement training, require - HB 254
Pain management facilities, licensure requirements - SB 47
Parole or release from prison, failure to secure employment not to affect - HB 463: HFA (1)
Payment to county for each election precinct, increase of - HB 258
Peace Officer Professional Standards, recertification after retirement - HB 229
Penalties under plumbing chapter, water heater serial number violations exempted from - HB 386: HCS
Police officers, KLEFP fund salary supplements - HB 184
Policemen and firefighters' retirement fund, health premium for retiree spouse and children - SB 136; HB 438
Premium tax, local, exclusions from applicability to - HB 322: HCS
drug drop off program, water pollution prevention cabinet program for - HB 152: HCS
drug drop off program, water pollution prevention, cabinet program for - HB 152
Pretrial, probation, modifications to - SB 161; HB 463
Prevailing wage, exemption threshold, increase - HB 327
Probate fees, estate of one killed in line of duty, exemption for - HB 14
Process, legal, directed to sheriff, - SB 134
Prohibit illegal employees from working on public contracts - HB 3
Property tax, amend provisions relating to certificates of delinquency for - HB 149: HCS
Protective headgear, for operators and passengers of motorcycles - HB 163
Pseudoephedrine and related drugs, sale and dispensing of - HB 376
Pseudoephedrine, Schedule IV controlled substance - SB 45; HB 281
Public transportation, offenses against user or operator of - HB 25
Railroad bridges, establish maintenance requirements for - HB 270
Rate applicable to certain boats - HB 118
Real estate transfer tax, exemption from - HB 155
Recorded deed, PVA map index number required - SB 136
Recovery Programs, addition of - HB 463: SCS
Recycler, smelted or burned metal, purchase of - HB 242
Reemployment after retirement, prohibition of second retirement account - SB 2
Registered Independents, primaries, participation in - SB 41
Registration with the federal work authorization program - HB 3: HCS
Restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions, prohibition on enforcement of - HJR 49
Retirement, close of KERS, CERS, SPRS, LRP, and JRP to new members - SB 2: SCS (1)
Senate Rules, adoption of - SR 2
Severely mentally ill defense, use in criminal case - HB 274
offenses, HIV testing upon victim's request requirement for - HB 235
offenses, restraining orders, issuance of - HB 240
orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of - SB 98
orientation and gender identity, prohibition of discrimination - HB 106
Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail, public access to - HJR 116
Shock probation in felony cases, prohibitions on - SB 57
Small claims, District Court, jurisdiction increase - HB 201
Smoking in enclosed public places and enclosed places of employment, prohibition of - HB 193
license plate - SJR 117: SCS
license plate, establishment of - SJR 117
Speed bumps, local government requirements for - HB 59
Board of Elections, absentee voters, identity, disclosure of - HB 290
Board of Elections, precinct election workers, absentee voting - HB 213
Board of Elections, registered Independents, primaries, participation in - SB 41: SCS
Investment Commission, Sudan, investments in, divestment of - HB 151
retirement systems, ban on placement agents and board duties - HB 480: HCS
retirement systems, board term limits and restrictions - HB 480
Synthetic "bath salts, or "dove," synthetic cannabinoids, add as controlled substances - SB 129
Taxes or fees, theft by deception, insufficient funds check - HB 400
Taxing districts, local legislative body approval for tax rates - SB 153
Theft of item with VIN, law enforcement agency, duty to report to NCIC - HB 18
Transportation Cabinet, use for KAVIS system for registration and titling, restriction of - HB 197
and Breaks Interstate Park, peace officer commissions - HB 315
and Breaks Interstate Park, peace officer, commissioning - SB 103
Unauthorized aliens, offenses relating to - SB 6: SCS
Unlawful employment practice, use of credit history - HB 144
Victims of accidents and disasters, solicitation of - SB 68
Violations of public notice, frequency of - HB 60
Weapons, trespass, disorderly conduct, consent to search, airport property - SB 127

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