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Aquacultural products, requirements for - HB 266
Coal combustion residuals, disposal, ground water monitoring, regulation of - HB 237
Conservation officers, allow to carry concealed deadly weapons - HB 313
right to hunt and fish, regulation of commercial activities, not to modify - HB 1: SCS
right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife, establishment of - HB 1
Energy and Environment Cabinet, secretary, election of - SB 151: HFA (2)
Firearms, carrying concealed or openly for self-defense, authorization of - HB 113
and Wildlife Resources Commission, confirmation, Stuart N. Ray - SR 233
and Wildlife Resources Commission, do not confirm, David M. Williams, II - SR 243
Government Assessment and Accountability Subcommittee, Department of Fish and Wildlife, monitoring - HB 349
and fishing license, exempt - HB 173
and fishing, no restriction iwthout compelling state interest - SB 10
licenses and permits, voter registration included in - HB 326
In-lieu fee, straight pipe and sewer projects, use for - HJR 90: HCS
Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, party to MOA, deletion from - HJR 116: HCS
Mountain Trail Authority establishment, duties, responsibilities - HB 130
Permits for regular elk quota hunt, require the department to issue no fewer than 750 - HB 348: HCS
Postseason elk quota hunt, require department to conduct - HB 348
Quarantine, bees and appliances or materials, technical corrections for - SB 164
Regional Screening Tables, EPA Region 3, fish toxicity concentrations, inclusion of - SB 70
Release of large species by state agencies, local approval required for - HB 353
Senior or disabled hunters, allocation of postseason elk quota hunt permits for - HB 348: HCS
Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail, public access to - HJR 116
Stream mitigation and restoration projects, conductivity, direct new contract for - HJR 90

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