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911 service charge, imposition of - HB 174
Autism spectrum disorder, identifying stickers for personal ID cards, $1 fee - SB 77
Class D felony record, expungement of, procedure, exceptions - SB 159
Condominiums, assessments, collection of - SB 118
Court reporters, licensing fees, establishment of - SB 60
DNA, requirement of sample collection at arraignment - HB 393
Home inspector board, renewal and late fees charged by - HB 250: SFA (1)
Housing, Buildings and Construction, electrical inspecting and permitting fees charged by - HB 487
Identification cards for homeless, provision of - SB 26
Mountain Trail Authority establishment, duties, responsibilities - HB 130
Radon Program Advisory Committee members, per diem fee, deletion of - HB 247: SCA (1), HCS
Licensed auctioneer and master commissioner, provision for and clarification of - HB 460
Long-term care administrators, license for - HB 414
Medical imaging and radiation therapy board, licensing and related fees charged by - HB 486
Non-taxing districts, local legislative body approval for charges - SB 153
Portal for businesses, establishment of, for payment of - SB 8
Probate, estate of those killed in line of duty, exemption for - HB 14
mitigation & measurement contractors, radon laboratories, establishment of certification fees - HB 247
mitigation systems, registration fee and reinspection fee, deletion of - HB 247: SCS
Real estate appraisal management companies, registration fee - HB 288
Theft by deception, insufficient funds check for taxes or fees - HB 400
Underground petroleum storage tanks contractor certification fees - HB 22

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