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Absentee voters, identity, disclosure of - HB 290
Alcoholic beverages, sale of on election days - HB 299
Cabinet secretaries, election of - SB 151: HFA (2)
Centralized voting centers, study of - HCR 12
amendment, elimination of all fiscal court offices in merged local governments - SB 84
amendment, elimination of Office of Judge of County Court in merged local governments - HB 45
amendment, General Assembly, compensation suspended - HB 36
amendment, General Assembly, terms of members - HB 471
amendment, increase property tax homestead exemption for disabled veterans - HB 206
amendment, right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife - HB 1
right to hunt and fish, regulation of commercial activities, not to modify - HB 1: SCS
Contests, recounts, procedures of - SB 155
Corporate independent expenditures, allowance of - HB 139
consolidation, funds for special election, from state - HB 165
consolidation, special election for - HB 165
Create a Task Force to study feasibility of election of public service commissioners - HCR 124
Elections, various changes - HB 437
Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment to provide - HB 70
deadlines, dates of elections, changes to - SB 4; SB 4: SCS
deadlines, primary date, changes to - HB 437: HFA (1)
Freedom of religion, constitutional amendment - HB 168
General Assembly, terms of office - HB 375
Hunting licenses and permits, voter registration included in - HB 326
Legislative districts, redistricting, prisoner population - HB 484
Marriage, valid only between one man and one woman, repeal of constitutional provision - HB 178
Nominating papers, requirements, legibly printed name - HB 469
Payment to election officers, increase of - HB 258
Personal funds, definition of - HB 28
Persons, urging of Congress to propose constitutional amendment denying corporations status as - SR 107
Petitions of nomination, number of petitioners, whole county and division of, merged governments - HB 468
Precinct election workers, absentee voting - HB 213
Presidential election by national popular vote, compact for - HB 384
Primaries, registered independents, new registrants - SB 41: SFA (1)
Primary election, 2010-2011 only, permit schools to be open for makeup day in - HB 388: HCS
financing for judicial races, establishment of - HB 21
Service Commission, election of members for - SB 151: SCS
Recanvass, recounts, candidates for federal office - SB 155: SCS (2)
Registered Independents, primaries, participation in - SB 41; SB 41: SCS
Retail licensees, open on election days, separate locked department, allowance for - HB 299: HFA (1)
School boards, counties with city of first class, increase members of - HB 394: HFA (5)
Senior status judges, prohibition against running for office before completing five years in program - HB 419
Study resolution, filing deadlines, primary dates - HCR 12: HFA (1)
of office of General Assembly, amendment to increase - HB 92
of office of General Assembly, increase - HB 316
U.S. Constitution, amendment to prevent corporate control of elections, support of - HR 14

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