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Age limitation requirement for police and fire department members, remove - HB 261
Animal care advisory board, animal welfare, animal shelters, standards for - HB 277
Blue lights on jail vehicles, requirement for council approval - HB 41: HCS
County judge, fiscal court members, permission to carry concealed weapon in their courthouse - SB 116; HB 113: HFA (1)
Elections, petitions of nomination, number of petitioners - HB 468
Extradition, waiver of, authorization to retrieve - HB 300
Landowner incentive programs for recreational use of land, authorize - SB 61
Government authority, more stringent fire safety standards - HB 226
Government Code Enforcement Act, hearing officers and due process - SB 135
Government Nuisance Code Enforcement Act - SB 135
Government Nuisance Code Enforcement Act, appeals - SB 135
Nuisance Code Enforcement Act, inclusion within - HB 47: HCS
Ordinance publication requirements - HB 129
citation enforcement, 2nd notice of violation - SB 135: HFA (3)
code enforcement, use of first class mail for second violation notice - SB 135
Red and blue lights, sirens, use by coroner or deputy coroner - HB 34
Retirement, health premium for spouse and dependents of police and fire retirement fund - SB 136; HB 438
Theft by deception, insufficient funds check for taxes or fees - HB 400
Training program for officers - HB 119

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