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Administrative Regulations and Proceedings


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Administrative Regulations, Promulgate of - SB 119: SCS
911 emergency services, improvement and funding of - HB 174
Administrative Regulations, general partnerships, certificate of authority for - SB 39: HFA (1)
Board of Education, assignment of athletic areas - SB 74
Brain injury, services for individuals, provide for - HB 461
Cold and allergy clinics, licensure of - SB 142
on Postsecondary Education - SB 130: SFA (5)
on Postsecondary Education, advanced practice doctoral programs - SB 130
on Postsecondary Education, bonding and student protection fund, requirements for - HB 125: HCS
Court reporters, disciplinary action, hearing process, investigation of - SB 60
Delayed effective date for administrative regulations with major economic impact, establishment of - HB 140
EMS Board, in-the-line-of-duty death benefits - SB 97
Finance & Administration Cabinet, funds for local school districts to cover assignment plan changes - SB 28
Heritage Council, Historic Farms Program - HB 29
inspector board, administrative regulations to adopt a board code of ethics - HB 250: SFA (2)
inspector board, licensing administrative regulations promulgated by - HB 250: SFA (1)
Housing, Buildings and Construction, electrical inspections and permitting - HB 487
Immunization registry, establishment of - SB 133
Board for Proprietary Education, bonding and student protection fund, requirements for - HB 125: HCS
Board of Education, alternative education programs, administration of - HB 225; HB 225: HCS
Board of Education, Bible literacy, elective course - SB 56, 86
Board of Education, charter schools implementation - SB 3
Board of Education, commercial advertising on school buses - HB 62
Board of Education, districts of innovation, implementation - HB 394; HB 394: HCS
Board of Education, personnel evaluation system - HB 120
Board of Education, school improvement grant awards, criteria for - HB 476
Board of Education, state-adopted textbooks, error correction - HB 464
Board of Education, students with disabilities, alternative diploma for - HB 171
Department of Education, implementation of sex education instruction - HB 273
Radon Program Advisory Committee, clarification, duties of - HB 247: SCA (1), HCS
Labor cabinet, regulations for public employees to collect bargain - HB 139: HFA (2),(4)
Local Government Economic Development Program, administration of - HB 287
Medical imaging and radiation therapy board, promulgation of administrative regulations by - HB 486
Plumbing penalty administrative regulations, State Plumbing Code Committee review of - HB 386
Public Service Commission, membership, election and expansion of - SB 151
Reclamation bond amounts, requirements for - HB 385
Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act, establish as Act's title - HB 140: HFA (1)
Repeal of federal regulations by state law, call for constitutional convention to consider - HCR 46
Revenue, distilled spirits tax credit - HB 418
State Board for Proprietary Education, accountability measures, promulgation of - HB 125
Cabinet, administrative regulations for cell phone use, provisions for - HB 289: HCS
Cabinet, administrative regulations for texting, provisions for - HB 289: HCS

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