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"2-1-1" service in Kentucky, direct Public Service Commission study of - HJR 199
Alternative education programs, study by KDE and CPE, July 15, 2010 through July 15, 2011 - HB 301: HCS
Centralized voting centers in counties, option of - HCR 7
Economic development programs, study of - HJR 122
Education Professional Standards Board, teachers of alternative education, study - HB 412
Expanded learning time grant program, evaluation in 2016 Interim - HB 154
High speed rail, study of - HJR 133
lighting, request Transportation Cabinet study of - HR 91
maintenance costs, Transportation Cabinet study of ways to reduce - HR 91: HFA (1)
Horse-drawn wagons, KYTC and KSP to study effect on highway safety and conditions - HJR 35
Incentives for Energy Independence Act, amend to provide incentives for natural gas - HB 3
Kentucky Milk Commission, state and federal milk data, gathering of - HB 594: HCS
governments, expenditures of, Web site showing, study of - HB 492: HCS
governments, expenditures of, Web sites showing, study of - HB 492
Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government, mayor's office, study by - HCR 109
Low-profit limited liability companies - SB 150: HCS
cost containment, task force, authorize - SCR 192; SCR 192: SCS
program performance, audit of - SCR 197
Mountain Trail Systems Task Force, create - HB 173: SCS
Movie theater access, Commission on Human Rights - HB 439: HCS
gas retail competition, PSC study thereof directed - HJR 141
gas retail competition, Public Service Commission, study on - HJR 141: HCS
Paramedics, expansion of practice, direct LRC staff study of - HCR 198
Penal Code and Controlled Substances Drafting Group, creation, duties - HCR 250
Personal-care homes, study of - HB 476: HCS
Pharmacy-related primary care, study of - HCR 72
Pornography, access by minors - HCR 234
Poverty Task Force, reauthorization of - SCR 22; HCR 23
Program Review and Investigations Committee, tax inducement programs, review - HB 336
Prosthetist, orthotist, pedorthist, and orthotic fitter licensure, direct LRC staff study of - SB 60: SFA (2)
Reducing caseloads for speech language pathologists, study for - SCR 151
School funding, Interim Joint Committee on Education or Appropriations and Revenue - SCR 171; HCR 110
Task Force on Children Exposed to and Affected by Domestic Violence, creation of - HCR 148
Tax increment financing program, LRC staff study of - SB 188
Technology, middle school students - HCR 12
Tobacco Task Force, reauthorization of - HR 153

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