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district, requirements for - HB 318
operation, definition, inclusion of sustainable agriculture - HB 486
Billboards, exempt certain noncommercial message signs from regulation - HB 536
Carbon dioxide pipeline, right of condemnation and economic incentives for - HB 213; HB 213: SCS
Civil enforcement of planning and zoning violations - SB 116; HB 431
Comprehensive environmental status review, requirement for within comprehensive plans - HB 348
Heritage Land Conservation Fund Board, add members and private allocation authority to - HB 419
land stewardship and conservation fund, establishment of - HB 419
Land conservation fund, clarify availability of tax receipts for - HB 419: SFA (1)
Mountaintop mining, placement of overburden, requirements on - SB 139
Nature preserves, definition, technical correction of - HB 215
No net loss public hunting land, state agency lands, availability of - SB 64: SCS (2)
Outdoor advertising devices, Department of Highways permit requirements, define exemptions to - HB 536: HCS
and zoning, comprehensive plans - HB 187
and zoning, enforcement - HB 431: HCS
and zoning, ethics - HB 187: HFA (1)
and zoning, ethics of - HB 187: HFA (2)
and zoning, fines - HB 431: HFA (1)
and zoning, inclusion of commission members and employees in local ethics codes - HB 187
and zoning, land use plans, contacting entities required to be contacted, method of - HB 187: HFA (2)
and zoning, land use plans, method of contacting entities required to be contacted - HB 187: HFA (1)
Real estate adjacent to farm, requirement for realtor to provide fence laws to purchaser - SB 213
Regional Screening Tables, EPA Region 3, toxicity concentrations, updates for - SB 56
agriculture, refine definition of - HB 486: HCS
agriculture, water references, require for regulations - HB 486: SCA (1)
Utility lien, property of business customers, authorization for imposition on - HB 454; HB 454: SCS
Various funds, establishment of - HB 310

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