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Concealed carry license, locations where weapons may be carried - HB 499
Domestic violence orders and criminal offenses, global positioning monitoring system for - HB 1: HFA (1)
Electronic warrant program, establish - HB 116
Global Positioning System monitoring, expansion of - HB 1: HCS
Jury service, exemption from - HB 372, 390; SB 144: HFA (2); SB 146: HFA (3)
court proceedings, open to public, pilot projects - HB 407
Court Proceedings, open, pilot project - HB 194
Oaths retired and senior justices and judges, administration by - HB 316
Orders, domestic violence, use of global positioning monitoring - HB 1
Reduce salary by ten percent, the legislative and judicial branch, mandate elected persons within - SJR 141
Salary of judges, constitutional amendment establishing commission to set - HB 554

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