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entities, omnibus revision - SB 152
entities, operation of - SB 150
entities, operation, study of - SB 150: HCS
entities, uniform filing procedures - SB 151
Charter schools, nonprofit sponsors of - HB 583
Elections, expression of disappointment over court decision on corporate spending in - SR 127
Uniform Limited Partnership Act, Reviser's Bill for the 2010 Regular Session - SB 184
Wood Products Competitiveness Corporation, abolition of - HB 309
KY Mountain Trail Corporation, add counties and board members, remove from state employee system - HB 173: HFA (2)
Limited liability companies, corporate alcoholic license laws,application of - SB 41
Low-profit limited liability company, organization and operation of - HB 371
Mountain Trail Systems Task Force, create - HB 173: SCS
Officer liability, motor fuels and U-Drive-It taxes - HB 392
Public school academy, possible nonprofit sponsor of - HB 63
Qualified construction contracts, resident bidder, determination of - SB 45: SCS
State construction contracts, resident bidder, determination of - SB 45

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