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CERS, allow certain agencies to opt out of participation in the state health plan - SB 124
Convergence insufficiency, oculomotor dysfunction, & strabismus intermittent, health plans, to add - HB 537
Department of Corrections, employees transferred from KCTCS, additional benefits to - HB 164
DUI, responsibility for testing costs - HB 343
Justice Cabinet, required participation in hazardous duty retirement for juvenile justice workers - HB 320
Asset Liability Commission, funding stabilization contributions permitted - HB 531
Department of Education, Kentucky Charter School Advisory Committee, establishment of - HB 21
Retirement Systems, administration of qualified domestic relations orders - HB 289
Retirement Systems, composition of board and investment committee - HB 146
Retirement Systems, final compensation, determination of - HB 145: HCS
Retirement Systems, housekeeping bill - HB 329
Retirement Systems, qualified domestic relations orders, administration of - HB 289: SCS
Teachers' Retirement System, funding plan for retired teacher health benefits - HB 540: SCS
Teachers' Retirement system, omnibus bill - HB 545
Teachers' Retirement System, omnibus bill - HB 545: SCS
retirement, no consolidation of accounts under various systems for members - SB 51
retirement, no consolidation of plans if retire after effective date of Act - SB 51: SCS
Retirement Plan, close plan to new entrants and establish new plan - HB 54
Retirement Plan, excess benefit plan, creation - HB 137
insurance for teachers, shared costs - HB 540: HCS
insurance, Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System retirees, funds for - HB 540
Peace Officer Professional Standards, retirement, recertification after - HB 145: SCS
Cabinet, allow certain agencies to opt out of participation in the state health plan - SB 124: HCS
Cabinet, allow retirees reemployed after 9/1/2008 participation in life insurance benefits - HB 145
Reduce salary by ten percent, the legislative and judicial branch, mandate elected persons within - SJR 141
Retirement Systems, require boards to establish securities litigation policy - HB 426
Retirement, contribution for - HB 531: HCS

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