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Compensation, adjust rate of for guardians and conservators - SB 127: HCS
Family Trust Program, establishment of special needs trust program for the disabled - HB 71
Federal estate tax, decouple from - HB 223
Fiduciary responsibilities and prudent investment standards of charitable institutions, modernize - SB 127
Guardians and conservators, compensation allowable - SB 106
of death for absent persons, decrease in years required - SB 93
of imprudence, removed if annual expenditure exceeds 7% of fund - SB 127: HCS
Probate fees, estate of officers killed in line of duty, exemption for - HB 232
Trust distribution upon petition of fiduciary, amount permitted for eligibility, increase in - HB 222
Trusts, certain motor vehicle transfers to or from trusts exempted from usage tax - SB 107

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