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for Health and Family Services, public swimming pool safety regulations, create exemption - HB 258: HFA (1)
for Health and Family Services, public swimming pool safety regulations, promulgated by - HB 258: HCS
Construction-management-at-risk project delivery method, state use of - HCR 117
Contracts for,contractor drug-free workplace program, requirements in - HB 244
Infrastructure projects, CTL facilities, priority funding for - HJR 116
Infrastructure, evaluation of - HB 433
Kentucky Infrastructure Authority, Kentucky Municipal Utilities Association, membership for - SB 20
Municipal Utilities Association, Kentucky Infrastructure Authority, membership on - HB 305
Prevailing wage, increase in exemption threshold - SB 146
swimming pools, administrative regulations governing the safety and sanitation of - SB 21
swimming pools, federal main drain cover standards to be met for - HB 258
works projects, prevailing wage, elimination of - HB 143: HFA (1)
contractors, equal employment opportunity requirements for - HB 220
contracts, contractors' employees in, employment eligibility, verification of - HB 134
contracts, drug-free workplace program, subcontractors in, contractors not responsible for - HB 244: HFA (2)
contracts, verification of - SB 174
Property and Buildings Commission, membership of, additions to - SB 181
Storm water charges, charging unserved customers, prohibition on - SB 49
Turnpike Authority of Kentucky, responsibility for highway mega-projects - HB 509
Water and Sewer Projects, repeal and reenactment of - HB 181

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