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Asbestos, Mesothelioma Awareness Day, designation of September 26 as - HB 519
Civil liability, carbon sequestration and demonstration projects, immunity from - HB 351
mine rescue team training, coal mine inspections, counted as - SB 170: SFA (1)
mines, medical air evacuation, global positioning, availability of - SB 52
mining around oil and gas wells, establishment of provisions for - HB 452
mining, inspections, electronic permits, requirements for - SB 170: SCS
Division of Mine Permits, Local Government Economic Development Fund, transfer to - SB 177
Easement of necessity, gender neutral references, technical corrections for - SB 170
Electrical trainees, supervision by certified electricians, use of - HB 185
hazard impoundments, emergency action plans, file and approval of - HJR 119: SFA (2)
hazard impoundments, technical correction for - HJR 119: SFA (1)
Impoundment breach, emergency action plans, requirements for - HJR 119: SFA (3)
Infrastructure projects, CTL facilities, priority funding for - HJR 116
Kentucky Natural Resource Caucus, creation of - HCR 141
Safety Review Commission, confirmation, Denise Moore Davidson - SR 201; HCR 84; HR 124
Safety Review Commission, confirmation, Joe F. Childers - SR 224; HCR 90; HR 123
Safety Review Commission, members of, confirmation of - SB 168
safety, emergency medical or mine emergency technicians, number of - HB 119
safety, mine ventilation plans, requirements for - SB 64
ventilation fan restart, reentering mine, requirement for - SB 64: HFA (2)
Pollinator habitat, reclamation site revegetation requirements, inclusion of - HB 492
Reorganization, Energy and Environment Cabinet, Executive Order 2008-531 - HB 473
Streams, overburden from mining, placement of - SB 100
Study mining of and impacts to streams and forests in E.O. Robinson Forest - HJR 7
Surface mine overburden and reclamation requirements, changes to - HB 104
Ventilation fans, deviation from continuous operation, remove provision allowing - SB 64: HFA (1)

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