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requirement, fire sprinkler inspectors - HB 449
requirements, fire sprinkler inspectors - HB 449: HCS
Development fees - HB 250
Elevator safety, office to administer through the elevator safety review board - SB 155
Employee misclassification, provisions extended to person with state contracts - HB 392: HFA (1)
Epperson, Stacy C., Kentucky Housing Corporation Board of Directors, appointment to - SR 213
Fire sprinkler inspectors, make prorated occupational fee for certification rather than licensure - HB 449: SCS
General contractors' liability, subcontractor's failure to comply with verification programs - HB 441: HFA (2)
Historic or prehistoric remains on property, limitation created by - HB 115
Homelessness, prevention, continue pilot project for - HB 6
Corporation Board of Directors, Gail Melvin, confirmation - SR 214
Corporation Board of Directors, Porter G. Peeples, Sr., confirmation - SR 215
Kentucky Housing Corporation, directors, increase in - SB 181
Manufactured home installation inspection fee, limit to $150 - HB 379: SCS
Misclassification of construction employees, penalties for - SB 136; HB 392
Mold remediation, standards for, establish - HB 310
National Association of State Fire Marshals, urge to retain current code provisions, wooden pallets - SR 164
New manufactured home installation inspection, fee for - HB 379
Planning and zoning, subdivision, definition of - HB 447
Pool safety regulations by counties, allow - HB 29
wage, increase in exemption threshold - SB 146
wage, school construction exemption - SB 145
Radon exposure, state and local policies minimizing exposure of, encouragement of - HCR 171
Reorganization, Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction, Executive Order 2008-507 - HB 473
Summers, William E., V, Kentucky Housing Corporation Board of Directors, appointment to - SR 212

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