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All new or amended fish and wildlife regulations, require news releases for - HB 208: HCA (1)
Animal identification, bar unjustifiable removal of - HB 301
Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, regulation by - SB 81
Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, scope of authority for - SB 81: SFA (1)
importation of - SB 81: HFA (1),(2)
regulation of - SB 81: SCS
Deadly weapons, permit carry and use for defense while hunting, fishing, trapping - HB 419; HB 419: HFA (2)
of Fish and Wildlife Resources, assistance, authorization to provide to Foundation - HB 65
of Fish and Wildlife Resources, Foundation, staffing for - HB 208: SCS
Environmentally beneficial projects, definition of - HB 215: HCS
Ferrets, possession of, technical correction - HB 358
Horseback riding trails, direct agency to designate - HB 522
Hunting without permission on lands of another, increase penalties for - HB 242
carrying firearms, provisions for - HB 358: SCS
fishing, and trapping, use and carrying of firearms - HB 419: HFA (1)
Lake Cumberland, resolution encouraging federal management of - SR 177
Lifetime combination hunting and fishing permit, senior citizens, authorization for - HB 84
Noncaptive wildlife, restrict drug use on - HB 399
Oil and gas operations, state-owned and university-owned lands, study of - SJR 67
Raymer, Kyle, 2008 National Guard Junior World Fishing Champion - HR 186
Self-defense, carrying firearms while hunting, fishing, or trapping - HB 419: HCS
Study mining of and impacts to streams and forests in E.O. Robinson Forest - HJR 7
drug administration, add exception for - HB 399: HCS
identification number for trap tagging, allowing use of - HB 208

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