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Antifreeze additive, stipulate requirements for - HB 182: HCS
Antifreeze, require bittering agent in - HB 182
Communications services, refund for lost service during a declared state of emergency - HB 478
Contaminated foods, sale or disposition - HB 465
Demand-side energy management plans and programs, PSC authority thereof - SB 51
Domestic manufacturers, urge Congress to support - HR 160
Driver information, business use of - HB 47
Driver's license information, restrict retention and use when obtained to verify age for gift - HB 47: HCS
Economic development incentives for reinvestment in existing businesses - HB 361
days alcoholic beverages, delivery of - HB 128: HCS
days, alcoholic beverages, unless permitted by local government, prohibit sale of - HB 128
Execution on investment securities, update references - HB 471
Fuel ethanol-blended gasoline, requirements for sale and use of commodities - SB 12
Fungible goods, warehouse commingling - HB 348
Gift cards, regulation of - SB 85; SB 85: SCS
Global exports, require Cabinet for Economic Development to study - HJR 114
Kentucky Capitol Centennial Commission, establish - HB 337
Motor Vehicle Commission, reorganization - HB 289
Noncertified cigarettes, removal steps for - SB 48
Reorganization, Commerce Cabinet, Executive Order 2008-516 - SB 185
Sales representatives' contracts, commissions earned, termination and payment - HB 225
exports, applications to promote board to review - SR 122
exports, applications to promote, board to review - HR 149
sales at retail establishments, minors, prohibition of - SB 171
Unsafe children's products, prohibition of - HB 494
Utility communications during a declared state of emergency, requirements for - HB 425

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