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Capital Construction


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Construction-management-at-risk project delivery method, state use of - HCR 117
Employee misclassification, provisions extended to person with state contracts - HB 392: HFA (1)
Higher education capital projects, increase cap on projects allowing for completion by institution - HB 249: HFA (1)
Infrastructure projects, CTL facilities, priority funding for - HJR 116
Infrastructure, evaluation of - HB 433
institutions, cash-funded capital projects, interim process - HB 530
institutions, debt issuance by - HB 531
Real property purchase from state employee, eliminate requirement of approval by Governor - HB 368
Schools, construction of, exemption from prevailing wage - HB 144: HFA (5),(7)
agency capital projects, cap requiring approval, increase by $50,000 - HB 249
contractors, equal employment opportunity requirements for - HB 220
contracts, contractor drug-free workplace program, requirements for - HB 244
contracts, drug-free workplace program, subcontractors in, contractors not responsible for - HB 244: HFA (2)

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