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Administrative Regulations and Proceedings


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Administrative hearings, expansion of the definition of party - HB 367
All new or amended fish and wildlife regulations, require news releases for - HB 208: HCA (1)
Art therapists and applicants, hearing requirements - HB 73
Bad actor provisions, increasing fines for violation of - HB 397
of Pharmacy, enhanced pharmacy-related primary care - HB 297
of Pharmacy, enhanced pharmacy-related primary care, conduct study of - HB 297: HCS
Books for Brains Program - HB 459
for Health and Family Services, public swimming pool safety regulations, create exemption - HB 258: HFA (1)
for Health and Family Services, public swimming pool safety regulations, promulgated by - HB 258: HCS
of title for all-terrain vehicles - HB 53: SFA (3),(4),(5)
of title for all-terrain vehicles, establish procedures - HB 53; HB 53: SFA (1)
Certification requirement, fire sprinkler inspectors - HB 449
Controlled substances, electronic reporting, data use - SB 65: SFA (1)
of Fish & Wildlife Resources, electronic availability of filed regulations - HB 208
of Highways, authority to promulgate, contractor drug-free workplace regulations - HB 244
Dyslexia, testing and programs for children with - HB 409
Education Professional Standards Board, assessments and beginning teacher internship - SB 59
Educational Professional Standards Board - HB 157
Elevator safety review board, administrative regulations to be promulgated by - SB 155
Emergency Action Plans for high hazard dams, administrative regulations requiring - SJR 37
Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet, Emergency Action Plans for high hazard dams - HJR 119
& Administration Cabinet, state contractors, equal employment opportunity requirements for - HB 220
and Administration Cabinet, authority to promulgate, drug-free workplace regulations - HB 244
Fish & Wildlife Res., prohibit regs that limit deadlly weapons for self-defense or defense of others - HB 419
Health & Family Services Cabinet, public swimming pool safety regulations promulgated by - SB 21; HB 258
High Education Assistance Authority, Early Access Grant Program, implementation - HB 324
Board of Education, academic content standards, assessment and accountability - HB 508; SB 1: HCS, FCCR
Board of Education, Education Cabinet - SB 43
Board of Education, exceptions to, approval of - SB 92
Board of Education, prohibition from adopting - HB 383; HB 383: HCS
Board of Education, prohibition from promulgating - HB 391
Board of Education, promulgation of assessment and accountability regulations - SB 1
Board of Education, requirements for coaches - HB 317: SCA (1)
Board of Education, revised accountability system - HB 508: HCS
Department of Labor, promulgation of regulations related to collective bargaining - SB 172
Heritage Council, expanded regulatory power of - HB 115
Higher Education Assistance Authority - HB 157
Higher Education Assistance Authority, use of scholarships in out-of-state institutions - HB 156
Higher Education Student Loan Corporation, dental or medical degree, loan forgiven - HB 386
Noncaptive wildlife, restrict drug use on - HB 399
Optometric Examiners, Kentucky Board of, regulations allowing practice outside office of - HB 99: HCS
Personnel Board, election notice procedures, classified employees, notification to - HB 325
Physical activity, integration of - SB 6
Practitioners, ensuring pub. safety & competency of, persons licensed, training of & qualifications - HB 241
Promulgation of - SB 142: SCS
Prosthetics, orthotics, and pedorthics, administrative regulations to govern the practice of - HB 491; HB 288: SFA (2)
Racing Authority, creation of racetrack handle and horse injury reporting requirements by - HB 23
Estate Commission, escrow account violations, emergency hearing for - HB 401
Estate Commission, grievance and complaint procedure to determine licensee discipline - HB 355
of Personnel Cabinet, authority to promulgate - HB 175
of Personnel, compensatory leave sharing program - SB 9
Soring horses, create ban on, set penalties for - SB 176
batteries, regulation by Division of Oil and Gas Conservation - SB 134
battery administrative regulations, clarify what must be included in - SB 134: HCS
Veterans' nursing homes, operation of - SB 87
Wildlife drug administration, add exception for - HB 399: HCS

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