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Best in Class program, loans, forgiveness and repayment - HB 480
certain agencies may opt out of participation in the state health plan - SB 112
remove employer contribution and health care reimbursement for reemployed retirees - HB 212
Cigarette surtax, increase - HB 123
Constitution, amendment to change Representatives' term from 2 to 4 years - SB 23
employees retirement system, definition of seasonal position - HB 204
Employees Retirement System, establish 10 year phase-in to fully fund retiree health benefits - HB 117
Dept. of State Police, establishment of personnel system for officers not covered by KRS Chapter 16 - HB 411
Retirement Systems, composition of investment committee - HB 380
Retirement Systems, increase death in the line of duty benefits - SB 140
Retirement Systems, qualifications of governor's appointees of the board - HB 380: SCS
Retirement Systems, technical changes to reemployment after retirement provisions - HB 323
Legislators' Retirement Plan, conform with federal law - HB 120
Officers, oaths, remove two-year denial of office penalty for failure to take oath under KRS 62.010 - HB 161
Professional firefighters, supplement, wages, overtime - SB 46
Public officers and employees, penalty - HB 161: HCS
Retirement System, DROP, program for hazardous duty employees - HB 421
Service credit, requirements for - HB 256

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