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report availability, parties involved in litigation, criteria for - HB 696: HFA (1)
reports, insurers written designee may receive report - HB 696: SCS
reports, limit distribution of to involved parties, media and vehicle safety data entities - HB 696
Campaign finance report, allow candidate to designate electronic filing as official copy - HB 459
Death certificates, authorize filing at local health departments - HB 548
Domestic relations records, confidentiality of - HB 199
Economic development and tourism project expenditure report - HB 750
of records, Class D felony and misdemeanor - HB 31: HFA (1)
of records, criminal history - HB 31
Gunshot and stab wounds, reporting of - SB 37
Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority, on-line publication of project status reports - HB 588
National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact, ratify - HB 544
Personal IDs for homeless, $2 charge for first issuance - HB 308: HCS
Reports and report summaries, delivery to fire commission - HB 475
State bonds, interest on, reporting requirement for - HB 448
Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act, adopt - SB 78
Vital Statistics Branch, certificates of death, issuance of - HB 36; HB 36: HCS

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