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Certified miners, surviving spouse and children, funding for - HB 520: HCS
gasification waste, special wastes, treatment as - SB 243; SB 243: SCS
mine safety, medical air evacuation, emergency action plan, requirements for - SB 213
miner Roy D. Sturgill, memorialize - SR 54
severance tax, delete distribution to workers compensation fund - HB 273
Action Plans for impoundments, administrative regulations - SJR 72; SJR 72: SCS
mine technicians, surface mining operations, number on site at - HB 315
Expenses relating to books and fees paid directly to parents and guardians, permitted - HB 520: HFA (1)
Gravel operations, agricultural use, limited permit for - SB 54: SCS
Land survey, surface coal mining permit, requirement for - HB 652; HB 652: HFA (1)
Safety Review Commission, confirmation Stanton Cave - SR 272
Safety Review Commission, confirmation, William David Donan - SR 254
Safety Review Commission, Stanton Cave, appointment to - HCR 39
Safety Review Commission, William David Donan, appointment to - HCR 40
funding for surviving spouse and children - HB 520
Scholarships for surviving spouse and children - SB 166
and gravel extraction on one acre, create limited permit for - HB 286; SB 54: SFA (2),(3),(4)
and gravel extraction, limited permit for one acre - SB 54
Stream restoration and mitigation authorities, creation of - HB 717
Surface mine overburden and reclamation, make changes to requirements relating to - HB 164

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