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construction, best value specification for - SB 100: HFA (2)
construction, best value specifications for - SB 100; SB 100: SCS
Engineering Board injunctions, unlawful practice location the proper county Circuit Court venue for - HB 508: SCS
survey, surface coal mining permit, requirement for - HB 652
surveying, defined - HB 510: HFA (1),(2)
Licensure board, requirements for appointment of engineer and land surveyor members to - HB 509
Metes and bounds descriptions, only licensed land surveyors to perform - HB 510
work construction contracts, architect or engineer direct supervision in administering - SB 23: SCS (2)
work construction, requirements for architect or engineer involvement in - SB 23: SCS (1)
Transportation Cabinet Service procurement, revise committee makeup - HB 349: HCS
practice of land surveying and engineering, board's authority to discipline - HB 508: HFA (1)
practice, licensure board's authority to prevent - HB 508

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